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Past with no takers
What never ceases to astonish Britons of my generation is that our country ever had such an extraordinary stranglehold on so much of the world. Who were these people that conquered the world' ...  | Read.. 
Famous Bengali all want to forget
Mir Jafar, 1691-1765
Nawab from 1757-60 and 1763-65 ...  | Read.. 
Muckraking, Maharaja Mac-style
The whiff of scandal that has just spiced up the presidential poll today invites inevitable parallels with the comparable contest in the US. Parallels with the US are in fash ...  | Read.. 
Small-town feud hits big time
The murder scandal that has suddenly assailed Pratibha Patil is mired in intrigue, involving an intra-Congress power struggle, a street assassination and a mystery phone ...  | Read.. 
Centre lines up 30 new varsities
The Centre plans to set up and fund 30 universities across the country to reduce the burden on existing centrally funded institutions and raise the standard of higher edu ...  | Read.. 
Past with no takers
Bangla army chief sets up India date
India and Bangladesh are poised to take a great leap forward in their relations with the Bangla..  | Read.. 
NDA’s President plot goes awry
The BJP-led NDA suffered loss of face thrice over today: A.P.J. Abdul Kalam backed out of the p..  | Read.. 
Rushdie clashes
Violent protests broke out in Srinagar today against kn ...  | Read.. 

Princess versus snoops
Yashodhara Raje Scindia, Gwalior’s princess MP, ha ...  | Read.. 

Caught driving drunk' Big deal
Rajneesh Sahu (name changed) slammed his father’s ...  | Read.. 

The Great Sister, now on screen
Lalu Prasad may have a chalisa in his name but M ...  | Read.. 

SC eye on road rage
The Supreme Court has voiced concern over the number of roa ...  | Read.. 

Backlash at Anara film
Anara Gupta’s debut film is showing in 10 cinema h ...  | Read.. 

Ragging rein on Kanpur techies
Students of IIT Kanpur will have to sign a declaration in J ...  | Read.. 

Push for Dawood
India will press for Dawood Ibrahim’s deportation ...  | Read..