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A tribute and a critique
This week the Left Front regime in West Bengal completes 30 years of uninterrupted existence. It is a record without parallel in the annals of multi-party democratic systems, particularly for a political formation adhering to a leftist ideology. Frus...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Jokes called babus
Sir — The news that “the Centre wants to raise the cap on sizes of ministries to avert instability. ...  | Read.. 
Queered pitch
Sir — The selection of Mahendra Singh Dhoni as the vice-captain of India for the Ireland and Scotla ...  | Read.. 
What A.P.J. Abdul Kalam is doing to his own dignity is his own business. But by saying that he will run for a second term pro...| Read.. 
Thus far, and no further. The largest minority community of India, which has allowed itself to be shamelessly wooed by politi...| Read.. 
Theatre Of The Absurd
Watching television these days is like watching the theatre of the absurd. To demean the office of the president and reduce t...  | Read.. 
I was asked in Japan recently not to predict the end of the world — they were nervous it might affect the stock market. — STEPHEN HAWKING
Gory tales
THE MUTINY By Julian Rathbone, Penguin, Rs 695...  | Read.. 
The agony of accepting the limits to knowledge
Uncertainty: Einstein, Heisenberg, Bohr and the Struggle for the Soul of Sc...  | Read.. 
Several strangers
THREE SIDES OF LIFE Edited by Saumitra Chakravarty, Oxford, Rs 350...  | Read.. 
For a perfect number
Book publishing being a complicated affair, two questions have always troub...  | Read.. 

Picturing the enemy