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Extra 2 days to fix Atlantis tear
Space shuttle Atlantis’s astronauts will get to enjoy the view from space for a few extra days. ...  | Read.. 
China runs out of names
The world’s most populous nation is running out of names, the Chinese government announced yesterday in unveiling a review of one of its most cherished traditions. ...  | Read.. 
Blair attacks the media beast
Tony Blair hinted today at new restrictions to curb an increasingly sensationalist media, while admitting that New Labour’s obsession with “spin” had fuell ...  | Read.. 
Mysterious death of woman in Pak minister’s home
A scandal involving the mysterious death of a Canadian woman at the residence of minister for communications Shahid Jamil Qureshi in Islamabad has rocked the ruling Pakistan ...  | Read.. 
iPod kills our sense of art: Painter
David Hockney, Britain’s best-loved living painter, has bemoaned the decline of art in his home country. ...  | Read.. 
(Top) President Bush reaches out to greet Albanians in Fushe Kruje, 30 km from capital Tirana, with his watch clearly visible on his left wrist. Howe ...  | Read
Spicier sausage
Die Harder
Dumb act over: Paris
Paris Hilton says she has learned that acting dumb is “no longer cute” and claims she is ..  | Read.. 
What an ending! Everyone is in dark
The mid-scene blackout that brought the final episode of The Sopranos to an abrupt, ambiguou..  | Read..