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The 80,000-year-old bling
The birth of jewellery took place at least 80,000 years ago, when it was being made across Africa, according to a study of a dozen ancient, battered seashells. ...  | Read.. 
Farmers at risk
Plagued by the thought of pests infesting their crops, farmers liberally spray their fields with insecticides. But although this keeps the fruits and ...  | Read.. 
Cellular manipulation
There are a few areas of science where new research is always treated with either elation or downright ridicule. High temperature superconductivity an ...  | Read.. 
Tumour tripper
India’s wonder spice turmeric just doesn’t appear to stop surprising scientists. It’s been found to combat cancer, fight inflammation a ...  | Read.. 
The 80,000-year-old bling
Smelling good
Toxin detector
Frequent net disconnection
q+a I have Windows XP Service Pack 2 installed in my computer with a BSNL broadband connection. After surfing for a few minutes, my Internet connection snaps with an error message: “Generic Host for Win32 services has encountered a problem ...  | Read.. 
Crowning glory
A tonsured, totally bald Miss Tanzania really stood out among this ... | Read..  
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Why does the fabric in some clothes pill'