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Court orders Khaleda ‘murder’ probe
A Bangladesh court ordered police today to investigate charges of murder against former Prime Minister Begum Khaleda Zia and 27 others for involvement in a deadly grenade attack in 2004 on an Opposition rally, court officials said. ...  | Read.. 
Prison poser
Authorities in Bangladesh’s central jail in Dhaka said they were struggling to find room and safety — and some special consideration — for streams of top politicians and ...  | Read.. 
Osama letter boosts hopes
A brother of a slain Taliban leader said al Qaida chief Osama bin Laden was alive and well and that he had received a letter of condolence from him after his brother was kill ...  | Read.. 
US tribunal
US military judges yesterday dropped all war crimes charges against the only two Guantanamo captives facing trial, rulings that could mean none of the 380 prisoners held at t ...  | Read.. 
Chicken before Columbus
A chicken bone found in Chile provides solid evidence to settle a debate over whether Polynesians travelling on rafts visited South America thousands of years ago — or vice v ...  | Read.. 
Ex-geek slams Internet jungle
Internet culture, often portrayed as the vanguard of progress, is actually a jungle peopled by intellectual yahoos and digital thieves, according to a Silicon Valley entrepre ...  | Read.. 
Ingmar Raue (left) and Philip Sirch from Germany kiss a wax figure of Paris Hilton dressed in a jailbird suit at Madame Tussauds in New York. Accordin ...  | Read
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Air fraud
Princes try in vain to block Di death snaps
The sons of Princess Diana pleaded in vain today with a British television channel not to broadcast..  | Read.. 
Police crack down on Pak scribes defying ban
The police in the Pakistan capital have filed preliminary complaints against journalists for ho..  | Read..