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Cops trace missing trader’s body

Dhanbad/Orissa, June 4: Dhanbad police today identified the charred body of abducted businessman Rashmiranjan Mohapatra from a forested area between Radgaon and Karanjpur under Tamar police station in Ranchi, with help from an Orissa police team.

The Dhanbad team said they identified the body, marked with severe bullet and burn wounds, with the help of the businessman’s ring. They also found Mohapatra’s driver some 30 km alongside Silli-Rangamati Road near Radu river-bridge under Sonahatu police station. The place is 50 km from to Bengal.

Confirming the identification, subdivisional police officer of Bundu Sanjay Ranjan said, the bodies were recovered on the May 31 morning and were sent for post-mortem, the reports of which are awaited. Back then, the police had failed to identify the two. But following media reports of the abduction, the team contacted the Dhanbad police on June 3, while the Orissa police team present in Dhanbad was also briefed about the bodies, the Bundu officers added.

To verify the information, the Orissa police immediately rushed to Ranchi and identified the bodies with the help of photographs. “Rashmiranjan’s body was burnt excessively and his face was beyond recognition. But, we identified him with the help of the ring he was wearing on one of his fingers,” the police said.

According to the Bundu police, the abductors had tried to burn the body after shooting him. The driver’s body was thrown away right after he was shot dead in the car. That explains the bloodstain in the Toyota’s backseat found parked on Dhanbad railway station premises, the Dhanbad police added.

Investigating officers suspect that both the trader and his driver was killed and thrown away, after which the car was driven to Dhanbad.

However, Khurda SP Amitabh Thakur refused to confirm the businessman’s death, as of now. He said: “Our team present there is still verifying the identity of the second body. Nothing conclusive can be said until we receive more information.”

Rashmiranjan’s family, on their part, confirmed that the police had summoned some members to “identify” a body.

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