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Making hydrogen, naturally
Living cells usually do not waste energy or resources, and so only make substances that are useful to them. From this one can deduce that no organism makes something that is not useful to it. This is why we cannot generally find biological sources for substances that are useless to living beings. Do...  | Read.. 
Rain, rain, come again
Move over raincoats — rain “clothes” are here. Soon, you may not have to cover yourself in a raincoat as you venture into the rain; your shi ...  | Read.. 
Star attraction
In the last episode, we saw that a massive star can explode as a supernova during the last phase of its evolution. The supernova throws away the outer ...  | Read.. 
Waste made useful
Black liquor, a greasy effluent generated by the country’s numerous paper mills, may no longer be considered an ecological headache. Instead, it ...  | Read.. 
Making hydrogen, naturally
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Of milk and honey
TB trouble
Im‘mac’ulate conception
Are you on the lookout for a hot piece to play with on your lap, or as you laze in bed' A lesser loaded question: looking for a new laptop' ...  | Read.. 
Homemade stuff is best
Q: Everyone I speak to gives different advice regarding weaning food. Many varieties are ...  | Read.. 
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Why is it difficult to breed cats'