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Breaking with the past
Bhubaneswar has, at first glance, the provincialism you associate with many capital cities. There are the obscure but important centres of scientific research by the main road, where, presumably, some sort of work on agricultural graft is being done;...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Trite family sagas
Sir — M.R. Venkatesh’s “The family and other animals” (May 31) was interesting, but had hardly any ...  | Read.. 
Old bottle, and wine
Sir — The prime minister has rightly requested chief ministers to control power transmission and po ...  | Read.. 
How old is Cruella de Vil' She persists in the imagination as a scheming woman in the prime of her powers — an image deliciou...| Read.. 
Beware, adults at play
Lok Sabha matinee
Quitting game
Mamas and papas
Five-star panchayati raj
The reluctant speaker
We are essentially fragile ... One may go just as easily with the measles or diphtheria, meningitis, colic, influenza or mere hunger. There are so many ways of us dying it’s astonishing any of us choose old age. — BERYL BAINBRIDGE