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Move over PCs, your time is over
Picture this: An office where you donít have an allotted desktop. Or, a situation in which your laptop hard drive has crashed. But you are not worried. All the documents and information you need are stored and saved automatically as you work in the cyberworld, a mere click away. ...  | Read.. 
All in the genes
It might seem incredible that a bright young student should reject admission to the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) to study basic science, but A ...  | Read.. 
Violent explosions out there
The material we see around us on the earth is made up of different elements, which differ from each other in their nuclear composition. But how were t ...  | Read.. 
Taking it to heart
If you think life is unfair, here is some disheartening news. A new study found that people who thought they were treated unfairly were more likely to ...  | Read.. 
Move over PCs, your time is over
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Bits & Bytes / Surit Doss
You have this great collection of songs in your iPod meticulously selected over many hours. The videos have been downloaded over the Internet over a long period. Then the unthinkable happens ó your computer crashes. And you have no backup. How are yo ...  | Read.. 
Battling the summer sun
India is sweltering under relentless heat. Everyone seems to be exhausted, covered with prickly heat and rendered ...  | Read.. 
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Why donít Bonsai Plants grow tall'