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Divided dynasties
It is an anecdote that says it all. Way back in 1989, when Devi Lal became deputy prime minister and hurriedly got his son, Om Prakash Chautala, to replace him as the chief minister of Haryana, a journalist asked him if it was right for him to do so....  | Read.. 
Asha hits a six
It’s not difficult to pair Asha Bhonsle with Sachin Tendulkar, despite the decades that come between them. And Ashaji ...  | Read.. 
The man who saw too much
The henna in his beard is wearing thin, the wrinkles in his face crease like lines of painful memory. Yet the voice do ...  | Read.. 
No sex please
Kamini Rao has stopped asking couples visiting her infertility clinic what profession they pursue. “I don’t need to ...  | Read.. 
New killing field — Calcutta
An enraged mob set fire to a woman and her husband after the body of a five-year-old boy was found in the septic tank of t ...  | Read.. 
Capital cinema
Aamir Khan serenades Kajol around the Qutub Minar and Delhi’s Old Fort. Anupam Kher’s nerve-grating laughter echoes ...  | Read.. 
Clash of the Bong belles
celebrity circus
Given her standing in society and her seniority, when Jaya Bachchan made an unprovoked attack on a much-junior Viveik Oberoi ...  | Read.. 
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Divided dynasties
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