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Wolfowitz quits, row looms over next chief
Paul Wolfowitz resigned as World Bank president, ending turmoil over his leadership, but the next battle loomed for the US over how and if it should continue to appoint the head of the institution. ...  | Read.. 
Smart girlfriend angered by vicious public attacks
Mystery surrounds Shaha Riza’s personal life, by her design, yet two things are beyond doubt. She is smart, exceptionally so. And angry. ...  | Read.. 
Scarlett to play UK monarch
American actress Scarlett Johansson is to play red-haired monarch Mary, Queen of Scots, in a historical film epic. ...  | Read.. 
Video shop owners face Pak militant threat
Suspected pro-Taliban militants in the northwestern Pakistani town of Nowshera have warned video shop owners to shut their “un-Islamic” businesses or face serio ...  | Read.. 
Gaza on verge of civil war
Israel struck Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip today and threatened more strong action to stop rocket attacks while Palestinian rival factions fought each other in turmoil ver ...  | Read.. 
Indonesian boys watch as high waves hit the coastline in Pelabuhan Ratu, West Java, on Friday. Massive waves hit coastlines across the country, send ...  | Read
Thief counts, caught
EU snubs Russia at frosty summit
Russia and the EU clashed over democracy today as German Chancellor Angela Merkel took Russia to ta..  | Read.. 
After 12 yrs, De Niro and Pacino team up
Robert De Niro and Al Pacino, two heavyweight actors of world cinema, will team up for only the sec..  | Read..