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Cricket old order hit where it hurts
Now it can be told with some authority that Sachin Tendulkar and Sunil Gavaskar are not “artists” when they appear in ads or in the commentary box. ...  | Read.. 
It’s a bike bomb, again
Another parked motorbike with a bomb strapped to it exploded in the Assam capital today, killing two persons and leaving 11 more wounded. ...  | Read.. 
Ranchi’s veggie air route to Chandigarh
MDLR Airlines today extended its Chandigarh-Delhi flight to Ranchi. The state capital can now boast of five flights to Delhi but the first to Chandigarh and also the firs ...  | Read.. 
Peaceful fight on lips of George
George Fernandes, who had driven Coca Cola out of the country as Union industries minister in the Janata Dal government of 1977, today advised vegetable vendors here to ...  | Read.. 
High court heat on government lawyer
Orissa High Court today slammed the advocate-general’s office for the “pathetic” way it conducted a compensation claim case after illegally detaining a tri ...  | Read.. 
Maran & male bastion, both fall
Karunanidhi’s wives and daughter strike
Not just Mayavati in the north, women seem to be calling the shots in southern politics, too. ...  | Read.. 
Cricket old order hit where it hurts
I dare her to put us in jail
Amar Singh
on Mayavati
Kapil catch for Zee league
India’s cricket bosses, get ready for a new band of Kapil’s Devils —and an “eye- ...  | Read..
Reliance turns front football
Hands full with Nandigram, the Left Front will have to find time to discuss Reliance too. ...  | Read..