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Run-away jawan points finger at senior

Raiganj, April 26: A wanted BSF jawan has alleged that he is being victimised by the authorities for having witnessed the wrong-doings of his commanding officer.

Posters of Duryodhan Nayek of the 47th Battalion have been pasted across the town by the BSF who wants to find out the whereabouts of the jawan who fled from custody after he was arrested, allegedly for allowing infiltrators to cross the border in lieu of money.

The border force has also filed a complaint with the Raiganj police station against Nayek. The house where the jawan and his wife lived — in Birnagar here — is currently under lock and key.

Sources in the battalion said Nayek was apparently found allowing infiltrators cross the border from Bangladesh through a breach in the barbed wire fence on April 20. “He was placed under suspension on April 21 and taken into custody the next day. He was kept in a guard room in Mirual (the BSF camp, 8 km from here) from where he fled the same day. His wife went missing from their house on April 25,” a senior BSF officer said.

Nayek, however, spoke to The Telegraph over his wife’s mobile today. “I have been framed by the commanding officer, Sanjay Shiva. When the battalion was posted in Punjab in 2005, I was in charge of duty allotment and the officer made the BSF’s electricians, plumbers and carpenters work on his house in Delhi. He forced me to fudge the records to show that they were on duty at the base,” Nayek claimed.

The jawan also alleged that he was forced to mark an electrician, Om Pal, present on duty during a period when the man was bedridden for seven months. Any refusal on his part to comply with these “illegal orders” was followed by threats from the officer to throw him in jail, the jawan claimed.

“Shiva has been threatening me ever since we came to Raiganj 10 months ago. On April 20, the jawans who relieved my batch did not spot anything (breach in the border fence) but four hours later, the fence was suddenly found broken and I was taken into custody,” Nayek claimed. He said he would approach the National Human Rights Commission. “It is only after my report appears in the media that I will surrender before the deputy inspector-general or the inspector-general. I know that I had not done the correct thing by fleeing,” he said.

Shiva, however, said Nayek’s allegations were baseless. “Over and above the bribery charge, he is now burdened with the crime of fleeing from custody. Since he knows he is in a spot, he is levelling these allegations against me,” the officer said.

The second-in-command in the deputy inspector-general’s office, Sailendra Giri, also said Nayek made a mistake by fleeing. “We are probing the charges against him and if the jawan has any grievances that, too, will be looked into. But for that he will have to surrender,” Giri said.

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