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Arjun aims literacy arrow at red
The meeting to review the progress of Literacy Mission in the state, presided over by Union HRD minister Arjun Singh, turned into a durbar, with ministers pleading for more funds and more generosity from the Centre....  | Read.. 
Girls win more gold than boys
In the race for gold medals to be given away at the RU convocation tomorrow, girls have left the boys far behind....  | Read.. 
Futile efforts on govt’s part
The short but riveting documentary film on Ajit, made by Arvind Sinha way back in 1995, was the h...  | Read.. 
Justice for poor
In a significant judgment delivered on February 11 2007, the Supreme Court (SC) disapproved the decision of the Jharkhand Hig...  | Read.. 
Experts wash away Harmu water worry
Dhoni pool won’t need 4 lakh gallons

People protesting against M.S. Dhoni’s swimming pool, being constructed on his Harmu plot, can stop worrying that the facili ...  | Read.. 
Ratings of the university done by postgraduate students fluctuated wildly from one department to another. While students of the department of geograph ...  | Read
Hello, it's Wednesday, April 18, 2007
Music challenge
Flight Timings
Real Estate
There is good news at last for ...  | Read.. 
  Make way for young players
New courses on platter
A fresh course of subjects are on the platter for students at the Birs...  | Read.. 
Historic waterbody awaits attention
Though glossy tourist booklets of the state government continue to ext...  | Read.. 
Steps to tackle blood disease
Akash Gupta (12) from Daltonganj has been bleeding internally for five...  | Read.. 
Power punch for capital ‘comfort’
Thunder squalls around the city could provide little comfort today wit...  | Read.. 
Private eye on tours
Booking vehicles to visit tourist spots around the capital would not be ne...  | Read.. 
High court whip on employment quota
Orissa High Court today struck down a controversial resolution passed by t...  | Read.. 
Biggest rally by small feet
A day before chief minister Naveen Patnaik is scheduled to meet Prime ...  | Read.. 
Artisans learn to share skills, creative marketing art too
At a daylong workshop held at the Centre for Excellence today, artiste...  | Read.. 
Stars’ dream to bag plump posts dash
It is not surprising to see the state government backtrack from previo...  | Read.. 
Powerful smashes win titles
Displaying smashing skills, Amar Jyoti Bose clinched the men’s singles...  | Read.. 
Bend the law, don’t break it
The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has decided to fund a project ...  | Read.. 
Cop hunt on for conman
Police have started hunting for 32-year-old Santosh Sharma, who has al...  | Read.. 
Tech help saves time
The Geographic Information System (GIS) deployed in Jusco systems hav...  | Read.. 
Dance hub to hone budding talents
The Sangeet Natak Akademi (SNA) is planning to set up a national-level...  | Read.. 
Raghubar swipe at Tata Steel admin
Former finance minister Raghubar Das today alleged that the East Singh...  | Read.. 
Retail mart triggers traders’ wrath
Organised retail may just be trickling in to the state but protests a...  | Read.. 
Platform to close for track upgrade
Come Wednesday passengers at the Tatanagar railway station may have to fac...  | Read.. 
Stink stings civilised society
Tall claims by the district administration and Jusco to make Jamshedpu...  | Read.. 
Court’s land heat on cops
Court of sub-divisional magistrate (Dhalbhum) issued a show-cause noti...  | Read.. 
Jamshedpur Whispers More.. 
Sudhir forgives