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Call of the wild
The recent poaching of six lions for claws in the Gir forest has led to calls for better policing and protection. The immediate response of both the Union and the Gujarat state governments has been on expected lines....  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
The great betrayal
Sir — While numerous girls have continued to face widespread abuse in silence at home, the media ha ...  | Read.. 
Form is always more important than content in mass politics. The sooner a politician understands this, the faster he finds hi...| Read.. 
The history of communism, as perceived by the faithful, has always been fiercely contested. Apart from abstruse hair-splittin...| Read.. 
Change is in the air
I often wonder why huge excitement is generated when political players speak the truth. It is strange to hear the voices of a...  | Read.. 
Round and round in vain
Sepp Blatter and Mohammed bin Hammam could easily be more clued in to Indian football than some of the men who run the game in India. Most of these men are ministers or busine...  | Read.. 
The importance of being earnest
The website,, belonging to India’s first “professional” football club, declares loftily that “the main objective of the club…is to promote football in ...  | Read.. 
It has even been said that the highest praise of God consists in the denial of him by the atheist who finds creation so perfect that he can dispense with a creator. — MARCEL PROUST