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Let there be more light
If there is one thing Shuji Nakamura does not like, it is taking orders. Well, now he does not have to. By inventing the blue laser, he showed his company, Nichia Corp, what he could do when possessed by a problem. His inventions turned the flagging Japanese company around and made it enormously pro...  | Read.. 
No ticket' Then hitchhike
An analysis has examined how global air travel has made it easier than ever for hitchhiking pests to move from one part of the planet to another to re ...  | Read.. 
Let there be more light
Lab Report
Wonder plant
Tobacco not for all, say genes
Secure your wireless LAN
Bits & Bytes / Surit Doss
Here is something you can try out for fun. Take your wireless-enabled laptop to any locality in Calcutta. Search for a Wi-Fi network and you will be surprised to find several in the vicinity. People fed up with the tangle of wires have begun switchin ...  | Read.. 
Oh, that earache!
Ear infections frequently develop in children and is one of the commonest infections in childhood. A staggering 75 per cent of children have at least ...  | Read..
Scaling the cosmos
Glancing at the night sky, you can see a vast number of stars which might give you the impression that the universe is made of a collection of stars. Actually, this is far from being so. Each of the stars you see in the sky is like our sun and the col ...  | Read.. 
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Why do some people have vertigo'