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Perceptions in Kashmir
The crisis looming in Jammu and Kashmir following the People’s Democratic Party’s threat to withdraw from the state’s ruling coalition has, for the present, blown over. But the impasse on the basic issue involved continues. The PDP and the National C...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
House divided
Sir — The Congress’s defeat in the Delhi municipal elections was expected (“BJP sniffs Delhi throne ...  | Read.. 
Multiple dangers
Sir — The government’s overhauling of the SEZ policy should increase transparency and reduce confli ...  | Read.. 
Perpetual mess
Sir — Achin Vanaik and The Telegraph must be congratulated for the bold indictment of Israel ...  | Read.. 
Elections are too important in a democracy to be left to corrupt, vote-stealing politicians. Few in Bangladesh will shed tear...| Read.. 
Court orders concerning the environment in West Bengal invariably incite a Pavlovian reaction from the state government. No i...| Read.. 
Stare at the idiot screen
The news these days on our television screens is about cricket and nothing else. It is as though India has no other concern o...  | Read.. 
One of the reasons why old people make so many journeys into the past is to satisfy themselves that it is still there. — RONALD BLYTHE
The vivisector
INNER WORKINGS: LITERARY ESSAYS, 2000-2005 By J.M. Coetzee, Harvill Se...  | Read.. 
It was a famous victory
No other military battle has brought forth as many quips as the Battle of W...  | Read.. 
A nation on the cusp of innocence and experience
THE PEACOCK THRONE By Sujit Saraf Sceptre, £11.99...  | Read.. 
Turning to the father
MAHATMA GANDHI: A HISTORICAL BIOGRAPHY By Bidyut Chakrabarty, Roli, Rs ...  | Read.. 

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