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Maoists apply for political party status
The Maoists today took the historic step of registering with the election commission of Nepal in order to be recognised as a legitimate political party ahead of planned elections later this year. ...  | Read.. 
Lesbians flee from rebel captivity
Two girls, who were “detained” by the Maoists for being lesbians, have escaped from captivity and approached human rights groups in Nepal seeking protection. ...  | Read.. 
US space tourist out of this world
US space tourist Charles Simonyi arrived at the International Space Station (ISS) yesterday and his close friend Martha Stewart immediately told him from mission control:  ...  | Read.. 
Broken heart can be fatal
Scientists have charted for the first time how intense stress caused by bereavement can make someone “die of a broken heart”. ...  | Read.. 
Wolfowitz admits helping aide
World Bank president Paul Wolfowitz said today he accepted full responsibility for the promotion of a staffer with whom he is romantically involved. ...  | Read.. 
In U-turn, Pak clerics deny fatwa on minister
Two radical clerics, who issued a fatwa against tourism minister Nilofar Bakhtiar yesterday for posing in a picture with French paragliders, have said that they were not awa ...  | Read.. 
(From left) Sarah Jessica Parker, Diane Keaton and Lisa Kudrow at an event honouring Keaton in New York. (AP)
Legend of Lee
Tobey role
Nose job
20 killed in Lanka collision
Awami anger
Embryo loss
Changi Airport’s new rules on cabin luggage
Singapore’s Changi Airport will impose a 100-millilitre limit on each container of liquid, ae..  | Read.. 
Latino theme in Salma firm
Salma Hayek and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc. have formed a new production company, aiming to create mov..  | Read..