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A man’s a man for a’ that
Class is a topic that crops up perennially in all emerging societies. But the particular form the argument has taken in Singapore, though camouflaged in other idioms, suggests the need to reconsider measures that encourage divided loyalties in India...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
High visibility
Sir — It is thoughtful of the government to have banned FTV (“Close your eyes”, April 2). But it se ...  | Read.. 
Unmaking a hero
Sir — Why should Malvika Singh be surprised at Manmohan Singh’s praise ...  | Read.. 
Little attention
Sir — The All India Chess Federation needs to be congratulated for fighting it out with FIDE over t ...  | Read.. 
Political correctness can, at times, warp a sense of history. To be in tune with the times, Pope Benedict XVI, in his new boo...| Read.. 
Keeping the words alive
There are two notions about the future of Urdu in India that need a second examination: Urdu is fast dying out and it is excl...  | Read.. 
Unsettling bodies
Reality Bytes (CIMA Gallery, until April 12) presents recent paintings by Uday Mondal, Debraj Goswami and Abir Karmakar. All three artists were born in the mid-Seventie...  | Read.. 
Cinema and its people
For Fawzan Husain, whose exhibition, Silverscreen, is being held at the Seagull ...  | Read.. 
Tagore without triteness
The poems gathered together in Purabi were dedicated by Rabindranath Tagore to the lady he called Vijaya, and whom the rest of the world knows as Victoria Ocampo. The ...  | Read.. 
The inmate of a lunatic asylum was writing a letter. A man looked over his shoulder and asked: ‘To whom are you writing'’ The inmate replied: ‘I am writing to myself.’ What are you saying'’ asked the other man. ‘Oh, I shan’t know till I get it tomorrow,’ said the inmate. — GEORGE ROBEY