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Foul air fast turning fatal
The air we breathe is not just foul, it’s fatal. An Asian Development Bank (ADB) study has warned of “6,700 additional premature deaths” occurring by 2014 due to the respirable particulate matter (RPM) prevalent in the city’s air....  | Read.. 
In police net, for 46 cases
Fugitive killer Sheikh Abdur Rahman, alias Raja, wanted in at least 46 criminal cases, was arrested on Tuesday. ...  | Read.. 
Illegal floor raze begins
The Calcutta Municipal Corporation on Tuesday started demolishing the two floors that were being added illegally to a buildin...  | Read.. 
Expert help for your household
Shabana Begum can cook pasta in a “nutritious” manner, arrange the table and serve the fare in a pleasing presentation. Sh...  | Read.. 
Boy dies in wall collapse
A four-year-old boy was killed when a portion of a wall collapsed on him ,after being hit by a Matador, inside a colony on Co...  | Read.. 
Museum safety net
Waking up to the security sieve at the Indian Museum following the theft of a Buddha bust in December 2004, the Union culture...  | Read.. 
Ramp still scorches at midnight
Mixed signals greet Delhi’s 60-day Fashion TV ban

The midnight mercury has not yet dipped in many Calcutta cable homes hooked on to Fashion TV (FTV). The channel beaming inter ...  | Read.. 
“Calcutta holds a special place in my heart,” is what Bobby Deol had to say in the city on Tuesday evening. On a day-long trip to promote his latest f ...  | Read
Hello, it's Wednesday, April 04, 2007
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What's on in town
 You share your birthday with...
Lisa Ray You are serious, thorough and confident. You have a penetrating mind. You are compa ...Read.. 
No clues, no arrests
The Howrah neighbourhood of 48-year-old businessman Arun Sheet observed a bandh on Tuesday to protes...  | Read.. 
Axe over milk booths
The state animal resources development (ARD) department has decided to clos...  | Read.. 

Cancer cases under survey
A comprehensive survey on cancer patients in the city is under way for the ...  | Read.. 

Sky’s not the limit
Once told that he could never fly because of bad eyesight, Miles Hilton-Bar...  | Read.. 

Food park boon for tech town
Coming up: A food park in Salt Lake Sector V. ...  | Read.. 

Uniformity pitch for set-top boxes
The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) is considering standardisa...  | Read.. 

Cops see political hand in clash
The violence in Kidderpore following the death of Shakil Ahmed Khan, secret...  | Read.. 

Blame the rent on IBM
The Bengali middle-class, for whom Salt Lake was conceived, may find buying...  | Read.. 

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