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Nepal give-and-take to form govt
After extracting mutual assurances from each other, Nepalís eight-party alliance, including the Maoists, has decided to form an interim government tomorrow. ...  | Read.. 
Fidel blasts Bush plans
Cubaís Fidel Castro today published his first editorial since his July surgery, signing his name to a scathing article on US biofuel plans in the Communist Party newspa ...  | Read.. 
Life term for Bangla murderer
Nearly eight years after the son of a former director-general of police of Bengal was killed in Chittagong, Bangladesh High Court has awarded the life sentence to the main su ...  | Read.. 
Lanka clash
Sri Lankaís navy said today it sank three Tamil Tiger boats off the islandís northeast coast, killing over 20 insurgents, but the rebels denied they lost any vessel ...  | Read.. 
Maoist supporters and cadre at a mourning gathering in Kathmandu last week, after clashes left 26 dead. File picture
Nepal give-and-take to form govt
Canine meat
Gun swap
Maoists game, rest unsure
Except the Maoists, none of the Nepalese political parties wants to hold the constituent assemb..  | Read.. 
Iran halts captive release
Iran today took a step back on a pledge to free a British woman sailor soon, saying her release ma..  | Read..