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Hold on to all you love, but spruce it up
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Letís face it ó ours is not a throwaway society. We hold on to our culture, to values, to places, to friends, and to our houses, too! Itís not our style to knock off an entire room every three or four years, just to bring in a new look. Yet, boredom does set in with the same interiors over years. So, if you are looking to spruce up rooms that you are tired of, here are some ideas that will help you do some affordable interior re-decorating.


The never-failing tip is to paint a room. Paint just one wall with your favourite accent colour. It can be as bold or as subtle as you like. Just make sure the surrounding walls complement the colour. Now, hang a new piece of art on the wall that has the same or similar colours. Youíll be amazed at how often your eye is drawn to that area of the room. Depending on the size of your room, wallpapering and adding borders is a great alternative or addition to painting. Several types of wallpapers are available based on where it will be used. Textured finishing of any one wall of a room is a great way to create a totally new effect with little expense. You can choose between textured paints, dual-coloured walls, textured granule effect, textured flake effect and so on. If you are not averse to spending a little more, clad a wall with rough-finish tiles or stones that are now flooding the market.


Pull the furniture away from the walls and position them at new, more inviting angles, and watch the look and dimension of your room change. Shops are stocked with various styles of furniture hardware - handles, knobs and pulls. Switch over to new cabinet decorative hardware, and your entire furniture will start looking new. In fact, new furniture hardware can lend a different mood and style to the room.


New flooring gives a room a boost from the bottom. Try one of the new types of laminate floorings. This can be pasted within a day on your existing flooring, but costs around Rs 100 or more a square feet.


Organise your wardrobes and cabinets to make your house less cluttered. For just about Rs 4,000, you can install wire-shelving organisers with plenty of added accessories in two or three average-sized wardrobes.
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