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Fake or original art' Try maths
The Institute of Clinical Evaluative Sciences in Toronto recently conducted some unusual research. It used its database of 100,000 patients and tried to correlate the prevalence of specific diseases in people with their astrological birth signs. We will skip the details, except to say that the hospi...  | Read.. 
All work, no sleep
Doing night shifts may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Or, for that matter, staying up for the World Cup matches if there is office to attend the n ...  | Read.. 
Top 10 Materials Moments in History
The Periodic Table of Elements invented by Russian scientist Dimitri Mendeleev nearly 150 years ago and the transistor that paved the way for ...  | Read.. 
A drip painting by Jackson Pollock
Fake or original art' Try maths
Lab Report
Black tea to the rescue
Spider silk sensor
The cheapest and best
I am an interior designer and I need to buy a new printer as my service man tells me that my old printer, Canon BJC 2100 SP, is outdated and ...  | Read.. 
A ray of hope
A five-year-long international study that looked into the genetic underpinnings of autism has zeroed in on new genes, giving hope to millions that so ...  | Read.. 
Of older moms and Down’s Syndrome
India’s urban elite has plenty of DINKs (Double Income, No Kids). These people get married later than their rural counterparts, often after they ...  | Read.. 
Why Corner
Why do trees shed their leaves in winter'