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Sanctions-hit Iran strikes back
An Iranian government spokesman said today that Tehran was partially suspending cooperation with the UN nuclear watchdog agency, the IAEA, because of the latest sanctions. ...  | Read.. 
Rivals unite to topple Pervez
Two exiled former Prime Ministers of Pakistan will launch a joint attempt this week to drive the current president, Pervez Musharraf, from power. ...  | Read.. 
Blair’s quit threat to cops
Police officers investigating the cash-for-honours scandal wanted to interview Tony Blair under caution but backed off after being warned that it could lead to his resi ...  | Read.. 
War of words over captives
Iran and Britain stepped up pressure over 15 Royal Navy detainees today with Tehran protesting against the “illegal” incursion and Prime Minister Tony Blair warning ...  | Read.. 
Birthday EU hits hurdle
German Chancellor Angela Merkel pressed European Union leaders at a 50th anniversary summit today to reform the bloc’s creaking institutions by 2009, but met resistance ...  | Read.. 
HK poll brush with openness
Hong Kong leader Donald Tsang today won five more years as chief executive in an election the loser called “rigged”, but which followed an unprecedented campaign th ...  | Read.. 
A powerful earthquake struck Japan on Sunday, killing at least one person and injuring 170 others as it damaged buildings and triggered a small tsunam ...  | Read
Wedding signoff
Elton act
Afghan clash kills 12
Bangla drive
Armenia PM
Red Army
Progress on Nepal deal to share power
A rough compromise on power sharing leading to the formation of an interim government in Nepal ..  | Read.. 
Slow down, brave multi-taskers
Confident multi-taskers of the world, could I have your attention' ..  | Read..