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Calcutta: There’s suspicion that somebody known to Bob Woolmer, accompanied by outsiders, knocked on his Jamaica Pegasus suite in the early hours of Sunday.

Woolmer responded on seeing a known face, but may have been overpowered by those who came in uninvited.

There’s talk that it was a Mafia hit but, till late on Friday, the Jamaica Constabulary Force didn’t have a suspect.

It’s as bizarre as the Pakistan coach’s murder.

“Except that he was strangled, nothing is confirmed… But there’s a suspicion that somebody known facilitated the entry of people who shouldn’t have been there,” a well-informed source told The Telegraph from Kingston.

He added: “Unless the killer or killers took the stairs to the 12th floor or used the hotel’s service lift, they would’ve needed an access card to reach Woolmer’s suite… If the killer or killers didn’t have one, somebody staying on the floor could’ve taken them up…”

The Pakistan team was booked on that floor.

Woolmer could’ve been having the odd health worry, but he was a pretty fit 58-year-old and it would’ve been next to impossible for one man — no matter how strong — to strangle him manually.

The hotel, it seems, first alerted the police (after a housekeeping maid found Woolmer on the floor) and Pakistan manager Talat Ali was informed after even a doctor had arrived.

According to the doctor, Woolmer was alive when shifted to hospital.

The Pakistani players have already been interrogated — their grilling on Thursday delayed the team’s Kingston-Montego Bay flight by at least a couple of hours — and fingerprinted. Now, the DNA tests remain.

The well-informed source revealed that the Inzamam-ul Haqs have been “shaken” to such an extent that they’ve stopped discussing the murder even among themselves.

“It’s such a sensitive situation that nobody wants to get dragged into it… Koi kuch bhi nahin keh raha… They want to remain quiet and, as important, get away from it all.”

At the moment, there’s some confusion over Pakistan’s departure home, via London. It could be Saturday, but…

Footnote: Till late, it wasn’t clear whether the Jamaica Pegasus would remain an official hotel for the World Cup. There’s an eerie feeling there, with Irish captain Trent Johnston admitting he was feeling “spooky.”

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