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Before joining govt, Maoists face hurdles
Although the Maoists in Nepal are expected to join the government some time this week, major hurdles need to be overcome before that happens. ...  | Read.. 
Full-face veils to be banned in UK schools
Students in England could be banned from wearing full-face Muslim veils for security or educational reasons under government guidelines to be published today, officials said. ...  | Read.. 
Pak govt lawyer quits as protests loom
A Pakistani deputy attorney-general resigned today citing a crisis over government efforts to sack the countryís top judge, as lawyers and the Opposition vowed more prot ...  | Read.. 
Marquez mobbed
He had disappointed the previous day by failing to show up for a panel discussion on narrative journalism, of which he is an unquestionable master. ...  | Read.. 
Saddamís top aide hanged for massacre
Saddam Husseinís former vice-president Taha Yassin Ramadan was hanged for crimes against humanity today, the third top aide of the ousted President to go to the gallows ...  | Read.. 
Archer book says Judas did not betray Jesus
Judas Iscariot was not the betrayer but the betrayed. He schemed to save Christ from being killed and did not commit suicide but lived to an old age. ...  | Read.. 
Businessmen protest against Maoist extortion in Kathmandu on Monday. (AFP)
Uma split
Star walk
Russia mine disaster
Bangla funds
Cheney leg
Heather shows she can dance
Heather Mills stepped up and showed she can dance on a prosthetic leg. Gracefully...  | Read.. 
Keanuís car hits lensman
Keanu Reeves was behind the wheel of a Porsche that allegedly grazed a photographer standing in the..  | Read..