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Drug delivery — new prescription
Advances in biotechnology are getting new drugs on the market more rapidly than ever, but pharmaceutical companies and researchers are increasingly realising that getting them into patients efficiently is a daunting task. ...  | Read.. 
Poles apart
When the heat’s on, everyone heads for cooler climes. But this time the purpose is not to keep cool but to understand the complex climate dynamic ...  | Read.. 
You can bank your skin
Skin grafting is an essential part of the post-operative treatment for severe cases of burns. However, acquiring the skin for the purpose is both diff ...  | Read.. 
Get the best out of Google
Until rejection, the new tissue closes a wound, provides a barrier against infection and fluid loss and heals the underlying tissues ...  | Read.. 
Drug delivery — new prescription
Lab Report
Smaller and better
The arsenic-cancer link
When the muscles refuse to obey
At 40 plus, just at the peak of a successful career, the sudden onset of tremor can be devastating. Careers nosedive as the young executive, although ...  | Read.. 
Email, Gmail, Izymail and all that
As a doctor, I see patients with incurable diseases all the time. The most common these days is “compulsive mailopathy”, where people suffer endlessly from Hotmail and Yahoo accounts that they can’t — and don’t even want to — get r ...  | Read.. 
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Why do we stop growing after a certain stage'