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Habits die hard
We are going to be a polite society. Kerala has banned spitting. Bangalore will round up and destroy 56,000 stray dogs. Other states and cities will surely follow, for lifestyle must match the aspirations of a designated world power....  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Billion does not care
Sir — The newest term in Indian cricket is “blue billion”, popularized by a soft drink company. Eve ...  | Read.. 
Count the blessings
Sir — Although I subscribe to two financial papers and another English daily, I am yet to see such ...  | Read.. 
Her full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts. She was an instant hit at the American International Toy Fair in New York on Marc...| Read.. 
Fitting tribute to the maestro
Ustad Amir Khan (1912-74), one of the greatest khayal singers of the second half of 20th century, has left a distinct impression on contemporary vocal and instrumental ...  | Read.. 
Speaking pictures
On the Edge of Vision: New Idioms in Indian and Italian Contemporary Art (February 12 to March 4) at the gallery of the Victoria Memorial Hall has ...  | Read.. 
Tantric-inspired disaster
Anglophone theatre circles dare not speak the name of this play, for superstition has it that when they do, all hell breaks loose — from fire in the auditorium to booms cra...  | Read.. 
The joke’s on the Tambram
In contemporary parlance, Tamil Brahmins are known as Tambrams. Among the Hindu sub-castes, they enjoy the reputation of bein...  | Read.. 
If a madman were to come into this room with a stick in his hand, no doubt we should pity the state of his mind; but our primary consideration would be to take care of ourselves. We should knock him down first, and pity him afterwards. — SAMUEL JOHNSON