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Blows, global & local
The sensex had started slithering even before finance minister P. Chidambaram had risen to present his budget speech. Blame it on the contagion effect of a meltdown in Chinese stocks. ...  | Read.. 
Every dog has its day, not aam aadmi
Mr P. Chidambaram had two positive factors working for him this year — the annual growth rate of more than 9 per cent and the ...  | Read.. 
Cess pain in tax relief
Aninda Roy is 27 years old. He earns Rs 5 lakh a year working in an information technology firm. He invested Rs 1 lakh in Public Provident Fund, National ...  | Read.. 
India Inc claps & curses
The bosses of the corporate world are divided in their opinion about this year’s budget. While some of them have rated P ...  | Read.. 
Trick from banker to poor
The following are excerpts from Part B, which deals with taxes, of the finance minister’s budget speech. ...  | Read.. 
Dream goes bust in boom time

Dream goes bust in boom time
P. Chidambaram does not dare to dream big these days. He had everything going for him — a booming ec..  | Read.. 
Out in the cold, snarl at doggy bag
The Union budget for 2007-08 has failed miserably in providing the necessary impetus for growth init..  | Read.. 
Trust CPM to find fault
Key government ally CPM today riddled the budget with criticism, despite a Congress assessment ..  | Read.. 
Big purse, but forces worry
Finance minister P. Chidambaram today allocated Rs 96,000 crore for the armed forces, a hike of..  | Read.. 
Cong directs, PC acts
No hurrahs, no apologies. No celebrations, no lamentations...  | Read.. 
Never-before science dole
The government has proposed a never-before 50 per cent increase in the outlay for the departmen..  | Read.. 
Heard in House: Pet pal’s served a BETA course
The immediate buzz raised by wags in the visitors’ galleries after Palaniappan Chidambaram..  | Read.. 
Diabetes out of polio shadow
Diabetes and stroke finally got their due by the side of HIV and polio as the Union budget toda..  | Read.. 
Cess hike to feed backward quota
The Union finance minister today levied an extra 1 per cent cess on all existing taxes, partly to..  | Read.. 
Tax taste for techies
This article summarises major direct tax proposals relevant to certain key sectors...  | Read.. 
Medicine to motor: Scorecard
What the key industries wanted and what Chidambaram gave them in the budget..  | Read.. 
Just funds won’t do the trick for farms
The Union Budget for 2007-08 does not contain any surprises. Indeed, sensible budgets should not con..  | Read.. 
Pressure on debt funds set to mount
Last year, I thought that Budget 2006 was a ‘low-impact’ one as far as issues like savings..  | Read.. 
There’s nothing for the taxpayer
In spite of the fact that the country is facing a big inflation problem, it was expected from the fi..  | Read.. 
Infotech firms put on the MAT
The information technology sector was in for a rude shock with the government deciding to exten..  | Read.. 
Slew of steps to tame inflation
Reacting to the price spiral which has started to hurt it politically, the Congress-led governm..  | Read.. 
Study cess drives up car prices
Car manufacturers have decided to increase prices across the board as finance minister P. Chida..  | Read.. 
Steel players happy with ore export levy
Steel industry has been clamouring for it long. They received support from political heavyweigh..  | Read.. 
Realty is all smiles
The real estate sector is gung-ho on the budget, which it believes, will not only further drive dem..  | Read.. 
SEZ tax break only for new firms
If corporates were hoping to traipse into special economic zones and scoop up tax benefits, they wi..  | Read.. 
Cement firms in price hike threat
Finance minister P Chidambaram has tried to beat down cement prices – but cement makers aren’t..  | Read.. 
Lowdown: Reverse mortgage
Reverse mortgage is a loa against a home that the owner does not to pay back for as long as he/she l..  | Read.. 
Sops lavished on farmers
Union finance minister P. Chidambaram today rolled out a slew of measures for rural India which..  | Read.. 
Bank joy at mutuals’ sorrow
Even as banks were left disappointed with finance minister not announcing tax reliefs on deposits, ..  | Read.. 
Fund frolic for plantation crops
With better price realisation in the plantation sector, commodities like coffee, rubber, spice,..  | Read.. 
Stock stalwarts shocked
While India Inc is looking for positive signals from Chidambaram’s budget..  | Read.. 
Bharat stretches out hand
If ploughmen keep their hands folded, even sages claiming renunciation cannot find salvation. Has Chidambaram, quoting Tiruval ...  | Read.. 
They play hard, save harder
Cheers for aam aadmi: but with prices rocketing, dead-pan greeting for PC’s dead bat ..  | Read.. 
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