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Almost every one has heard about the touch-me-not plant that quickly closes all its leaves as soon as it is touched. But, in the animal kingdom, there are many many species that signal danger to ward off unwanted guests. The lionfish is one such example.

Known for its extraordinary colour and brightly-striped body, mostly red, brown or white on black, the lionfish is found in the shallow waters and reefs of the Indian and Pacific oceans. It belongs to the family Scorpaenidae and is also known as Turkey fish, Dragon fish or Scorpion fish.

It can be easily recognised with its long, fanlike pectoral (near the chest) fins and branched dorsal (the upper back side) fin. But these attractive colours in the animal world are actually a sign of danger.

When threatened, the lionfish is known to emit a poisonous liquid from its colourful spine that paralyses its enemies. The venom can have a serious and fatal effect, even on humans!

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