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Cut out for great things
How good is Dhoni' It’s an important question for Indian cricket, both in the short term and the foreseeable future. We have the World Cup coming up and with Tendulkar in transition, Sehwag out of sorts, an untried Uthappa, and Yuvraj returning from ...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Ugly truth
Sir — The manner in which the armed forces and the police killed innocent Kashmiris after branding ...  | Read.. 
Parting shot
Sir — It is heartening to note that at least one world leader has chosen not to mince words while ...  | Read.. 
The Reserve Bank of India has declared an all-out war on inflation. Almost immediately after hiking the rate at which it lend...| Read.. 
Hard-nosed diplomacy often works better than mindless bombing. The six-party talks between the United States of America, Chin...| Read.. 
Foreign Affairs
Visitors at the door
The world is coming to India this week, and so is the Italian prime minister, Romano Prodi, whose country clearly occupies a ...  | Read.. 
The case of Boro Chupria’s tomboy
Boro Chupria is a small village about 25 km from Krishnagar. It is a pretty village, with its huts of mud, brick and darma, and its grounds are clean. Things look peace...  | Read.. 
After The Fact
NIVEDITA MENON (political scientist): Have you heard of ‘nude make-up’' The whole point of it is to spend hours painting your face in order to make it look like you h...  | Read.. 
Human beings are simply archaic, ivy-covered ruins, preserved by the connoisseur, and they stand out oddly in the new world of the masses. — V.S. PRITCHETT