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Teacher: What is the formula of water'

Student: Itís H, I, J, K, L, M, N,

Teacher: What' Donít you pay attention in class'

Student: Yes, maíam. Didnít you say that the formula for water is H2O'

Somdutta Das,
Class V, Contai Public School, Midnapore, West Bengal

Father: Sunita, do you remember the the name of the girl who pushed her father from the Howrah Bridge'

Sunita: Yes. I do remember. It was Push pita.

Anubha Ttibrewal,
Class VI, St Andrewís High School, Birbhum, West Bengal

Ajay: Dogs are terrible dancers.

Rajesh: But how can you tell that'

Ajay: They have two left feet.

Khushboo Mehta,
Class IV, Mahadevi Birla High School, Calcutta

Teacher: Where is your sweater'

Student: Itís in my bag'

Teacher: But why'

Student: My bag was feeling cold.

Sudip Dey,
Class V, St Xavierís School, Purulia, West Bengal

Teacher: So, tell me children, how many of you want to go to heaven'

All the students raised their hands except Ilama.

Teacher: Ilama, donít you want to go to heaven'

Ilama: Yes miss, but my mother told me to go straight home.

Titash Mandal,
Class VII, Carmel High School, Calcutta

Student: Sir, I am planning to land on the Sun in my private spaceship.

Teacher: But, wonít the spaceship melt'

Student: Donít worry sir. I have taken that point into account. I will be travelling only at night.

Abu Solyman Darani,
Class VIII, Hindu School, Calcutta, West Bengal

Question: Why did the football get hurt'

Answer: Because the players were kicking it.

Rohit Chakraborty,
Class V, Garden High School, Calcutta, West Bengal

Teacher: What would you do, if you were to share two mangoes with four friends'

Student: I would wait for my friends to leave.

Mohit Maheshwari,
Class VII, Sarwar Memorial School, Jalpaiguri, West Bengal

Beggar: Please give some alms.

Man: Why donít you work for me. I will pay you a daily wage of Rs 30.

Beggar: Guess what' If you tag along with me to beg, I will pay you Rs 60 per day.

Rahul Kumar,
Class V, St Paulís Mission School, Calcutta, West Bengal

Father: How much did you score in you history test'

Son: 15 marks less than Rajeev.

Father: Well, how much did Rajeev score'

Son: 15

Sayan Saha,
Class VI, Purwanchal Vidya Mandir, Calcutta, West Bengal

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