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Rookie driver mows down student

Calcutta, Feb. 10: A teenager learning to drive pressed the accelerator instead of the brakes while taking a turn on Rifle Range Road last evening and mowed down a Class XII student, who was on his way to a grocery shop.

The Maruti Omni hit another person before screeching to a halt, with Satinder Sharma, 18, trapped under its wheels, screaming for help.

“Around 8.30, I returned home and asked Satinder to get some stuff from a local grocery shop. He was studying inside, preparing for his Higher Secondary exams, which start on March 16. Suddenly, I heard a noise followed by a hue and cry a few yards from our house. A local youth came running and said Satinder had been knocked down by a car and was crying in pain,” said father Shiv Balak Sharma.

Taken to one nursing home and then another, Satinder died around 1.45 am. Doctors said the kidneys and other organs of the student of a private Hindi-medium school on Syed Amir Ali Avenue had been damaged too badly.

Satinder’s mother, who is away in Chhapra in Bihar, does not know that the eldest of her four children is dead. “I am not sure how I will break the news,” said Shiv Balak.

Md Hassan, 19, who was at the wheel, has been arrested. Md Sahid, who used to drive the car on hire and was teaching Hassan how to drive, has escaped. Details about the car’s owner are not yet known.

Witnesses said the youth driving down around 8.40 pm from the Park Circus bridge no. 4 side appeared shaky at the wheel. He struggled to take a turn at the intersection of Broad Street and Rifle Range Road, not far from the chief minister’s house, and drove the car onto the pavement.

“Some pedestrians jumped on to the street as the car hit Satinder and then surged ahead and hit Md Asgar Hussain in his shop,” said Kauser Ali.

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