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What went wrong at Singur'
Shahidul Islam was not too unhappy until Singur happened. His family had lost part of its land in Nawabpur village in the Rajarhat area on the eastern fringe of Calcutta when the government began acquiring land there for the New Town. But then, hundr...  | Read.. 
Why KBC is becoming a bore
Now that he no longer has to be politically correct about the show, Amitabh Bachchan is delightfully blasé about the fact tha ...  | Read.. 
Put the wow into wooing
Rahul Joshi wrote the book on wooing. When Joshi — that’s not his real name — fell in love, he went shopping not for dia ...  | Read.. 
Drugs, booze and burnout
It’s 6.30 aM and Rahul, 25, has already hit the local bar to unwind after a hard night’s work. And Rahul is ...  | Read.. 
Bentley vs Merc
Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz…” Remember the old song by Janis Joplin' Well, guess what' They have just ...  | Read.. 
Fear over the city
Lunch-time was still an hour away. Manav Gopal was buried in work when he received an urgent e-mail from his company’s h ...  | Read.. 
Making your search engine talk back
Early in the decade, a struggling Xerox Corporation was trying to sell off a stake in its Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) wh ...  | Read.. 
‘To cover up one the government had to tell five more lies’
serving Jyoti Basu tea at a public meeting. As the veteran Marxist leader took a seat on the podium off Jessore Road on the ...  | Read.. 
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What went wrong at Singur'