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tiger tale

Paws and claws

This is one tiger whoís more scared than the humans who deal with him. Strange as that may sound, itís true. Dani, 23, the oldest tiger in captivity in Europe, will undergo a manicure which is life threatening. According to the managers of Stropkov zoo, in eastern Slovakia, where Dani stays, tigers that donít live in the wild generally have a problem filing their claws, which tend to turn inwards and injure their paws. Daniís claws need to be filed or else it will pose a threat to his paws. His manicure, which will take place under sedation, represents a danger to the animal because of his advanced age. He was bought in 1983 from a Czech zoo and lives in an enclosure of around 30 square metres. In captivity, tigers normally live around 20 years. Wonder what Dani would do if he had his way'

ski story

Desert snow

Believe it or not, in the Mall of the Emirates, which is the biggest mall outside North America, there is an indoor skiing resort. The snow is made by shooting water at high pressure into the surrounding area. The freezing temperature is maintained by coolers near the slopes. It is estimated that every day 7,500 tonnes of snow is injected onto the ski slopes. Snow in the desert, who wouldíve thought'

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