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Why boys are brats
The exact biological basis for boys appearing naughtier than girls has long eluded scientists, but Calcutta-based geneticist Kanchan Mukhopadhyay has stumbled upon something that may at least partly explain why more boys than girls get into trouble in school and at home. ...  | Read.. 
Anybody out there'
Just 15 years ago, a planet outside the solar system was the topic of speculation. Many astronomers suspected the presence of planets around some star ...  | Read.. 
Hot, sweet and strong
Biologist Ramesh Kumar Aggarwal has barely “walked” one-hundredth of the coffee genome, which is several hundred thousand DNA sequences long ...  | Read.. 
Why boys are brats
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Gene test for lung cancer
Lung cancer is the most common cancer affecting people, especially in big cities. It is treatable, depending on the type, stage and severity, but researchers have always been on the lookout for a measure to predict or tailor the treatment of the dise ...  | Read.. 
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