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Green carpet for custodians, exit signal for carve-up brigade
The Calcutta High Court order on Monday, stopping the Book Fair on the Maidan, is a victory on the rebound for the army on an unfamiliar battlefield....  | Read.. 
After idle days, cry of deceit
Maidan, 2.30 pm. The Book Fair venue looks like an idle junkyard, with bamboo poles, plywood sheets and workers lyi...  | Read.. 
On your grades, go
The state government is on its marks to get the grade system going from Madhyamik 2008....  | Read.. 
Cabbie retrieves and returns bag
A taxi driver played Good Samaritan on Monday by returning to its rightful owner a bag left behind in his vehicle on Saraswat...  | Read.. 
Second booster station
The foundation stone of the second of three water supply schemes undertaken by the Left Front civic board for 2007 will be ...  | Read.. 
Illegal' Itís El Dorado out there
The civic body has slapped a notice on the killer building at 50 Kustia Road, from whose top floor an iron rod fell on 18-...  | Read.. 
Misty mess
Met office warns of foggy disruptions for another couple of days

Dense fog disrupted flight and train schedules for the second consecutive morning on Monday. ...  | Read.. 
Writer Jhumpa Lahiri charmed Amitashree Basu, of the Cadbury Bournvita Confidence Academy, by paying her a visit while the Class IX student of Modern ...  | Read
Hello, it's Tuesday, January 30, 2007
Martyrís Day
What's on in town
 You share your birthday with...
Gene HackmanYouíre an admirer of both the new and the traditional. Youíre not afraid of ha ...Read.. 
Young Metro
Students jive to remixes with DJ Akash at the console at Xavotsav on January 28. Hips donít lie, Tere bin and Whereís the ...  | Read.. 
Held for dowry torture
Kunwar Sukhjiv Singh, an engineer with a private airline, was arrested at h...  | Read.. 

The powers and their glory
Giorgio Agamben, a leading contemporary philosopher, has an interesting hig...  | Read.. 

Flair fare behind the bar
Toss up in the air, high over the head, under the arm and into the tumblerÖ...  | Read.. 
Feng Shui: Aqua touch for career luck
An intact northern sector is considered to be good for successful career an...  | Read.. 
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