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46-minute splash into elite space club
In 46 minutes, punctuated only by intermittent claps and cheering in a control room, India today guided a space capsule safely back home, propelling itself into the special club of three countries that can launch as well as recover spacecraft. ...  | Read.. 
Bad tidings ahead of Cuttack clash
Before Rahul Dravid’s boys troop to the field, another battle will be fought over the men in blue — between men in black. ...  | Read.. 
Arrest pill for tenant check
Delhi police now know how to make “lazy” house owners take the trip to the nearest police station to verify credentials of potential tenants — just lock up a few. ...  | Read.. 
Change of life by 30 in women
A study has found that Indian women are now attaining menopause as early as the age of 30. ...  | Read.. 
Fuel in foreign varsity fire
Private and foreign education providers will have no autonomy if the CPM has its way. ...  | Read.. 
Sanjay Dutt at the music launch of the film Shri Siddhivinayak Mahima in Mumbai on Wednesday. Following in the actor’s footsteps, his co-accuse ...  | Read
Khanduri twist in BJP poll list
Lawyer poll on judge scuffle
Nithari duo
Concert arrests
To UN, with Rajiv’s legacy
Four months after making his foray into diplomacy and global politics at the UN headquarters, Rahul..  | Read.. 
When bat blazes, so do brands
The Bengal Tiger has roared again, so the hunters are back on his trail...  | Read.. 
Visa thorn in Russia bonhomie
India and Russia may be “strategic partners’& ...  | Read.. 

Cry for son at film party
Dara Modi wants to leave Gujarat but can’t bring h ...  | Read.. 

Fresh blot on Bangalore’s face
Bangalore has had a long history of communal clashes, w ...  | Read.. 

Whispers on new air chief do rounds
Air headquarters today designated Air Marshal Padamjit ...  | Read.. 

STAR head to headhunter
Peter Mukerjea is leaving STAR Group India on January 3 ...  | Read.. 

Hindutva gives Congress cold feet
The Congress is spending sleepless nights in Karnataka, ...  | Read..