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Jade’s ‘sorryness’ for Shilpa amid suicide spin

London, Jan. 22: Jade Goody yesterday sent her “sorryness” to Shilpa Shetty’s parents for abusing their daughter, while fears were expressed that the 25-year-old mother of two was now so mentally traumatised that she had contemplated suicide.

Others, however, said the suicide claim was a cynical ploy by her army of PR advisers to win sympathy for the ousted contestant from Celebrity Big Brother.

Jade’s hopes of continuing to make millions out of her “celebrity” life have crumbled, experts say.

Concern about Jade was expressed as the board of Channel 4, the television network which depends on Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother for a handsome chunk of its revenue, was meeting today to discuss the future of the programmes.

Jade’s agent and PR advisers have obviously told their client to go on a round of interviews and do as convincing a mea culpa act as possible.

There can be no doubt that Jade is distraught. Some think it is because she can genuinely see how nasty she was to Shilpa, while others believe her tears are for her lost career.

According to the Sun newspaper, “sources revealed she was on the brink of suicide”.

However, Ron Bracey, a consultant clinical psychologist, called Jade “hard, tough and resilient” and said he did not believe that she was on the brink of suicide.

Reports that she was on the suicide watch were part of a ploy by her publicists to win back public sympathy, commented Bracey.

In one interview, Jade said she did not want her two young children to suffer because of her actions. “I am sincerely sorry. I promise to God I am — and to Shilpa’s parents. I wouldn’t have wanted to watch my children go through that.”

Weeping profusely, she added: “If I was Shilpa’s parents I would be feeling rage. My sorryness goes out to them for putting their child through what I put her through.”

Meanwhile, on Celebrity Big Brother, Jade’s boyfriend Jack Tweedy, 19, appears to have overcome the sorrow over his girlfriend’s eviction with remarkable speed. He has got into a hot tub with Danielle Lloyd, 23, tussled with her and given her a fond goodnight kiss.

And today he was caught by the cameras gazing longingly at the skimpily attired blond glamour model as she thoughtfully bent down and adjusted her bra, fiddled with her brief skirt, shook her wet hair — and looked round to make sure Jade’s boyfriend was taking it all in.

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