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‘My name is Shilpa — get that right’
The all-seeing, all-hearing night time cameras and microphones in the darkened dormitory picked out Shilpa Shetty sitting on the floor, where she has preferred to sleep rather than on the beds provided, eyes closed, both arms outstretched, long finge...  | Read.. 
Now, when is the date'
Even as the engagement announcement pervaded the electronic and print media, both Abhishek and Aishwarya chose to maintain ...  | Read.. 
Will Ash continue to work even after marriage'
Barely hours after the Abhi-Ash engagement announcement there’s widespread speculation about the marriage date and her p ...  | Read.. 
The maverick music scout steps away
The 14-year-old relationship between maverick music scout Gajendra Singh and his parent channel Zee has ended on a note of bi ...  | Read.. 
Classical inheritance
Bihan Music, the city-based CD manufacturer, has been for quite a few years producing Hindustani classical recordings of past ...  | Read.. 
‘I have no ambition to die as an actor’
The first thing that strikes you about Mithun Chakraborty is his warmth and humility. “I’m glad to be around for s ...  | Read.. 
Not married!
Sanju Baba needs to grow up. Apparently in a fit of drunken defiance he told a journalist he’s married to his girlfriend ...  | Read.. 
‘Every culture places its own ethnicity in RDB and connects very simply’
Check this out. No Indian film except Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Devdas has ever wangled this honour. Rakeysh Ompra ...  | Read.. 
While we speculate about the date in February that’ll witness the Great Bachchan-Rai Weddin ...  | Read.. 
It is not often that a film is made to give ‘terrorists’ a voice, especially when the people concerned are categori ...  | Read.. 
Rabindranather brahmasangeet ...  | Read.. 
‘My name is Shilpa — get that right’
Growing into Guru
Sampada Vaze