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Farewell to Maoists’ parallel govt
The Maoists in Nepal have dissolved their parallel people’s government. Their cadres would no longer be authorised to collect “taxes”, take any other coercive action or prevent the opening up of police posts. ...  | Read.. 
JNU goes to Nepal House
“Jawaharlal Nehru University is going to run Nepal now,” remarked a Nepalese politician. That may not be entirely true but what prompted the remark was the indu ...  | Read.. 
40% Indian kids missing from birth log
Forty per cent of children in India are missing from official records — at least till they turn 18. ...  | Read.. 
Bill blow for Azad
Senior PDP leader Muzzaffar Hussain Baig today mobilised his party’s MLAs to get an Opposition bill passed in the Assembly. The PDP is a partner in the Congress-led ...  | Read.. 
Cops cower in rebel fear
You’ve heard of cops working undercover. In Madhya Pradesh, they have literally gone under cover. ...  | Read.. 
JNU goes to Nepal House
Hindus in Europe fight for swastika
‘Slap’ stick for Gujarat judge
School torture
Maoist ceasefire
Booze is passe, bikes are new vote catchers
Pouches of country liquor and sweaty wads of clandestinely disbursed money no longer make for e..  | Read.. 
Racist hits make heroine of Shilpa
Shilpa Shetty has become the story on Celebrity Big Brother, with 9,600 complaint..  | Read.. 
Singh push for child welfare
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has asked chief ministers to d ...  | Read.. 

People power to beat Ulfa
Delhi is banking as much on the “surge of anti-Ulf ...  | Read.. 

Easy visa
Luxembourg, a key financial centre of Europe, has indicated ...  | Read.. 

Bengal CPM draws line on cricket
By turning down Subhas Chakraborty’s proposal to conte ...  | Read.. 

Kidney seller to conduit
Some private hospitals in Madurai and Chennai are under ...  | Read..