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Not to forget broken hearts

Mumbai, Jan. 15: As Aishwarya Rai slipped a ring into Abhishek Bachchan’s finger on Sunday, Salman Khan was cooped up indoors, “feeling a bit under the weather” according to his secretary.

Viveik Oberoi, another to have loved and lost “the world’s most beautiful woman”, was away in Kerala, climbing barefoot the steep slopes of Sabarimala in an act of penance.

“It’s unfair to link Viveik’s trip with Ash’s engagement. He is extremely devout and has been doing this for the past 10 years,” said a director and close friend of Viveik.

And to be fair to Salman, he was jet-lagged after a hectic foreign shooting schedule for Salaam-e-Ishq, Nikhil Advani’s tribute to love.

Yet, do the embers still burn or have they turned to ash'

“During an (ex-flame’s) engagement or marriage, a man may feel the pain of loss all over again. His reactions will depend on how comfortable he is with himself and his career,” said city psychiatrist Neha Patil.

Salman had trouble getting over Aishwarya, who publicly accused him of physical violence. He even made a movie, Lucky, with Ash look-alike Sneha Ullal. But he has a new woman in his life, Katrina Kaif, and seems to have moved on.

His career didn’t suffer, although his image of a brat grew stronger as he had repeated run-ins with the law.

If Ash and Salman matched each other in star value, it was a little different with Viveik. The infatuated young man had worn his heart on his sleeves while Ash kept up an icy silence. When the end came, it was again Viveik who went public with his pain.

He suffered an identity crisis and experimented with his image, looks and even the way he spelt his name. A series of flops followed.

But it’s been more than a year, and Viveik is said to be seeing Sameera Reddy. He has made up with Salman against whom he had once called a news conference after a public spat over Ash. They are now buddies and this New Year, Viveik also made up with Shah Rukh Khan, not the best of friends with Ash.

Yet, does he secretly moon over his ex' “If Viveik blames Ash for his career setbacks, his anger and pain would be more,” Patil said.

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