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War of words over venue
The battle for Book Fair 2007 is going down to the wire. With three weeks to go for the scheduled start to the 32nd edition of the fair, arguments and counter arguments over the venue continue in the courtroom....  | Read.. 
Flyover claims its first victim
Lake Gardens flyover has claimed its first victim ó a young motorcyclist. Around 7.20 am on Wednesday, Somnath Ghatak died of...  | Read.. 
Disorder in parent, kid in distress
Rajiv Chatterjee, in Class VIII at a reputed south Calcutta school, argues with his mother till she starts to beat him up. Th...  | Read.. 
Low-cost home glut
The state government has announced the construction of 200,000 dwelling units for the cityís urban poor, with a 24-month roll...  | Read.. 
Hospitals for the south
In one of the biggest investments in the private healthcare sector, the AMRI group is setting up two new hospitals in south C...  | Read.. 
Avalanche of mediocrity
Forty years is not a very long time for an institution to shape up, but Birla Academy has a lot to crow about within this per...  | Read.. 
AB-Ash vs January jinx
First weekend advance rush ratifies Guruís selective release strategy

Will Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai finally get as much attention on screen as they get off it' Will Mani Ratnam finally ...  | Read.. 
Camels, part of the Gemini Circus troupe, take a break in between performances on the grounds of Howrahís Gulmohur Railway Quarters. Picture by Sanat ...  | Read
Hello, it's Thursday, January 11, 2007
Bird guide
On stage
What's on in town
 You share your birthday with...
Rahul DravidYou are emotional, yet mature enough to hide your feelings when need ...Read.. 
Young Metro
Happenings here íní there  | Read.. 
Twin hi-tech boons for Tollywood
Enter, hi-tech tools for Tollywood. After setting up base in Mumbai way bac...  | Read.. 

Mailman to marriage linkman
Who says the mailman deals only with letters' On Wednesday, the postal depa...  | Read.. 

Review of CAS roll-out
State information and cultural affairs principal secretary Dilip Chakrabort...  | Read.. 

New jatra address
Taking a break from the potboiler of politics and business, chief minister ...  | Read.. 

On the Bengali identity
Itís not often that a memorial lecture by a historian draws enough crowds f...  | Read.. 

Flair and fun at your fingertips
As fashion cycles turn up, down, and all around, the nailís style stor...  | Read.. 
A heady wave of wow whiffs
The city is developing a nose for the nice, and so fragrances from across t...  | Read.. 
All ready to mingle
In the US, where Americanised desis balk at the idea of their famili...  | Read.. 
Here comes the jazz jamboree
Sweet memories of his last visit to Calcutta more than a decade back and a ...  | Read.. 
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