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To buy or not to buy
Each time you enter the neighbourhood mall to purchase your object of desire — be it the diamond ear stud you had been eyeing for long or the much-fancied gaming gizmo — a battle is played out in your brain. There seems to be a tug of war of sorts between brain cells that are associated with the pleasure of acquisition and those with the pain of paying. A purchase would eventually mean a victory of the former, albeit momentary at times, over the latter. ...  | Read.. 
Search for water
Researchers are successfully mimicking a desert beetle’s water harvesting technology to extract the precious fluid from fog. P.K Sumodan reports ...  | Read.. 
To buy or not to buy
Brain study
Fossil find
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Bad start
Blame it on genes
Local gadgets
BITS & BYTES: Cranky Windows and BSNL bugs
You may want to make sure that you are up-to-date as far as Windows Update is concerned and that you have all the latest definitions for your anti-virus software ...  | Read.. 
What will they think of next'
Napster in 1999. MySpace in 2004. YouTube in 2006. Experts from the tech community look ahead to the innovations that will change how we work, play and communicate in 2007 ...  | Read.. 
Trans fat is being increasingly indicted as contributing to dreaded conditions like heart attack, stroke, diabetes and cognitive decline. Sanjit Bagchi reports ...  | Read..
Understanding menopause
Menopause or climacteric was considered ‘the end’ for many women. Their reproductive years were over ...  | Read..
Do we need a world health insurance'
Siblings can cause cancer
More potent antibiotics
Games fuel satisfaction
Not just sport but spectacle
Running is among the oldest of all competitive sports ó in fact, for the first centuries of the Olympics, it was the only sport in the games. Ancient Olympic competitors either sprinted or ran for distance, but the similarity to todayís events ...  | Read.. 
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Ian G. Barbour
HarperSanFrancisco; $16.95...  | Read.. 
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