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Casting a wide net
Whatís common to the new generation of entrepreneurs on the Indian Internet' They are young, passionate about their ideas, have degrees from top-tier Indian and foreign universities and most have given up secure corporate careers to cover unchar...  | Read.. 
My weekend
Something I always look forward to on weekends is travelling. I canít stay in Mumbai for more than 10-15 days at a stre ...  | Read.. 
My first car
A Maybach moment
The distance from Mathura to Agra is a little under 50km. It isnít a remarkable drive except for the McDonaldís opp ...  | Read.. 
Kitchen talk
A few versatile ingredients go a long way in ensuring you can whip up lip-smacking delicacies when guests drop in unannounc ...  | Read.. 
Travelling back in time
Vijay Kutty lets his imagination run wild as he tries to visualise a bustling township in the excavated ruins of the ...  | Read.. 
Music with a cause
What do you get when an ace musician teams up with a giant mobile company' You get a great music video on your mobile phone ó ...  | Read.. 
Casting a wide net
On a fever pitch
Switching roles
Mirror images