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America’s Iraq death count hits 3000
The US military death toll in Iraq has reached 3,000, an unwelcome milestone for President George W. Bush who is searching for a way to turn around the unpopular war even if it means sending more troops. ...  | Read.. 
Thai PM blames ex-leaders for blasts
Thailand’s military-installed government blamed former politicians today for a series of bombs that killed three people in Bangkok, wounded 38, including nine foreigners ...  | Read.. 
Missing plane
Rescue teams scrambled to find a missing Boeing 737 passenger plane with more than 100 people on board that sent out a distress signal while flying in bad weather over Indone ...  | Read.. 
Israel ‘stink’ bothers Jordan king
There’s a royal stink on the Israel-Jordan border. ...  | Read.. 
In custody, Saddam fed birds, says nurse
While in US custody, former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein smoked cigars, watered a few weeds and reminisced about happy times when his children were young, a nurse who cared ...  | Read.. 
US pop star Christina Aguilera performs during a New Year’s eve party in New York. (AP)
Gael effect
US to snoop on UK travellers
Britons flying to America could have their credit card and email accounts inspected by the US a..  | Read.. 
Finally, Germans learn to laugh about Hitler
Coming soon to German cinemas: a demoralised, drug-addled Adolf Hitler who plays with a toy battles..  | Read..