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Bill blunder
Paris Hilton may be the poster girl for marathon shopping sprees, but the hotel heiress seemed to have somehow misplaced her ...  | Read.. 
French on mission to fill Bond void in culture
Dozens of distinguished academics are to meet in Paris on a mission to plug a yawning gap in French culture ó the study ...  | Read.. 
Finally, Germans learn to laugh about Hitler
Coming soon to German cinemas: a demoralised, drug-addled Adolf Hitler who plays with a toy battleship in the bathtub, dress ...  | Read.. 
Donít just blame the media
The boy and girl were both five years old ó and they left members of the Indian Association of Counsellors shocked and disturbed. The two kindergarten students had locked them...  | Read.. 
Coffee break: Kitchen politics
Stories about the relationship between mothers-in-law and their daughters-in-law are rife. We hear of those who donít get on, of new brides being treated abominably by th...  | Read.. 
TV rules: Unregulated exposure to the media may be harmful for children