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Young love cash & kin

Keen on money and prestige yet deeply attached to family, fond of the smart look but also valuing the smart mind, Indiaís Gen Y is clear about what it wants in life: the best of both worlds.

So, doing oneís own chores is out, young Indians told a survey by The Telegraph. Seven out of 10 want to live with parents even after they start earning, but on their own terms. Meddling parents are a pain, especially to Delhiís youth ó almost as bad as probing partners.

Live-in relationships get a thumbs-up (difficult to do if you live with your parents, though) ó from 66 per cent in Calcutta to 95 per cent in Chennai. But itís not about escaping commitment: less than a fourth are even prepared to consider casual sex.

Money is more important than an intangible job satisfaction, but the allure of the social ladder trumps all. So when bhadralok Calcutta disdains cash (14 per cent), it craves not a life of social service (14 per cent) but status (72 per cent). Across the country, only a fifth have time for service, with the Bangalorean the most selfless.

The money, though, isnít for ďfunĒ but for the family.

The men are the peacocks. As many want to be complimented on their looks and clothes as on whatís between their ears. Women would rather be noticed for their knowledge (51 per cent) than appearance (38 per cent).

Itís what gets Young Indiaís goat that is perhaps the key. A generation that knows where itís going and is impatient to get there thinks the biggest drag in life is traffic snarls. And the girls hate it more.

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