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By the youth, for the youth

The St Xavier’s College auditorium played host to a handful of enthusiastic students on Wednesday afternoon. They sat through a special screening of Mainak Bhaumik’s Aamra, “the first sex comedy in Bengali”. The cast and crew of the film including Jisshu, Nilanjanaa, Kaushik Ghosh and Momo along with the young, reticent director Mainak were there awaiting a response from the student audience (picture by Bishwarup Dutta).

A smart and savvy approach with a dash of humour helps the film breeze through serious and complex issues of love, sex and infidelity today’s youth are grappling with. Mainak’s is a light-hearted endeavour with subtle insights into the intricacies of relationships, without getting raunchy. “We did have problems with the censors, so a lot of dialogues had to be muted with a beep,” said Mainak.

The film has been digitally shot with jerky camera movements and jump cuts lending a candid feel to the film. Shot at all the popular hangout zones in town, the characters are seen moving about freely; they come across as vulnerable and easy to identify with.

“I liked the straightforward manner in which the film depicts the frustrations and reality of people like us. It didn’t seem cheap and the lingo used is actually the manner in which most of us talk among friends. I think Aamra will help Bengali films take a step forward,” said Shahina Rahman, a second-year Xaverian.

Diyasree Chattopadhyay, MA final year student of JU, admitted she would not recommend the film to her parents. “I did not come with high expectations but it turned out to be rather different from average Bengali films... On the whole, it was quite refreshing.”

The music is minimal yet expressive. Shayon Chowdhury’s Shey je boshey achhe adds that soulful touch while Insomnia makes a foray into film music with a groovy rock number that blends well with the mood of the film.

Jisshu, Parambrata and Nilanjanaa are at their natural best. “It was a wonderful experience and we enjoyed complete freedom to improvise on the script,” smiled Nilanjanaa

After the screening, the cast and crew of Aamra took time out for an interactive session followed by a performance by Insomnia. A ‘generation smart phillum’, as the funky posters read, Aamra released on Friday.

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