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Lage raho, Bollywood
Bollywood has not had it so big in quite some time. As cricket took a bit of a backseat in 2006, the front seats got filled up again at the cinemas. Unabashed in-your-face marketing, oven-fresh storylines and cutting edge technology set the ticket co...  | Read.. 
Slugfest on pitch, party in space
With two Tests still to go, the Ashes has already been won and lost. But that has not put a stop to the entertainment beyond ...  | Read.. 
Homoeo home remedies for dog distress
Homoeopathy is often a good remedy for pet ailments. It reinforces the body’s innate healing powers and is very safe, too. I ...  | Read.. 
Tragic tale of fact & fantasy
The golden frames, the ornate couch, the swing with its red velvet seat... the stuff of court paintings, stylised and sweet. ...  | Read.. 
By the youth, for the youth
The St Xavier’s College auditorium played host to a handful of enthusiastic students on Wednesday afternoon. They sat through...  | Read.. 
A shop by any name
I know Bipulbabu for many years. He runs a tailoring shop down the street. In fact I still remember the day he deliver...  | Read.. 
Beyond Barriers: Chapter VIII, presented by the St Xavier’s College (Calcutta) Alumni Association, The Telegraph and RPG Group, got off to a rocking s ...  | Read
Hello, it's Sunday, December 24, 2006
Roads to avoid
fun fest
East meets west with Bard and Baul
Kevin Rowntree had a maternal uncle called Rabindranath, but that’s not why he chose to stage Tagore’s Raktakarabi ...  | Read.. 
The festive high five
What: Footloose....  | Read.. 
Sinful sweets from Santa’s sack
Flurys...  | Read.. 
Xmas extravaganza
ITC Sonar Bangla Sheraton & Towers...  | Read..